Stories From Primeros Pasos

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Stories From Primeros Pasos

“Thank God that there is a clinic with free medicine that is close to the communities in the Valley. It is a great help to us here. There are many children in Candelaria that need to be seen by a doctor. When kids in my class are sick, I tell their mothers that they need to go to the the Primeros Pasos Clinic.”
-Lucía, Teacher from Candelaria

“‘Zanahoria! Manzana! Aguacate!’ Kids scream out a flurry of fruits and vegetables, practically falling out of their seats to raise their hands to volunteer for the activity I am leading with other volunteers from Primeros Pasos on nutrition in this 3rd grade classroom. In my first week at Primeros Pasos, such was the environment I was thrown into as a Children’s Health Educator: fast-paced, demanding, and rewarding.”
-Olivia, Children’s Health Education Volunteer
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“I am the second of five brothers, and my older brother had to leave school only after completing the 9th grade to help my dad with household expenses. My dad works in the field and last year he lost his crop by the tropical storm- we were left with nothing. I thought of working instead of studying, it pained me to cause my dad so much expenses. However, soon after Primeros Pasos gave me a scholarship. Now I can study calmly knowing that the money is there for me. I have a high average in school now and I’m also being trained on various topics each month as part of the program. I am very grateful for Primeros Pasos.”
-Fernando, Primeros Pasos Scholarship Recipient

“I am the mother of 11 children. I raise them with my husband, and we have strong faith in God. He helps us to move forward against the lack of resources, work and opportunities that make it difficult to support all of our children. My youngest sons is making progress thanks to the Nutrition Program at Primeros Pasos. His energy and spirits are on the rise.”
-Paula, Nutritional Recuperation Participant

“Before coming to the EBS group, I did not have any experience in community events. But after learning the importance of women’s participation in the community, I have integrated with other groups to learn different things and share what I have learned in EBS. Thanks to Primeros Pasos for giving women the opportunity to learn about new and productive topics, even if at some point we thought we could not learn. What we have learned is absolutely useful to us as women.”
-Louisa, Women’s Health Education Program (EBS) Participant